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PostNuke .764 Released

Contributed by on Nov 21, 2006 - 04:37 AM

There are no new features in this release, only a fix package for known issues with the 0.763 release.

PostNuke 0.764 Full Release Download

Download this release for new full installations.

Download (ZIP)

MD5: ad81b37751260fd3c55124e03a1ff1f8

SHA-1: d97bfaa70b5102c74469048de44be9e7e5189d7a

Download (TAR.GZ)

MD5: dd1cbfb601b855d7525f076a4f81f333

SHA-1: 93d5ddb9c388c1adb6780053dff1bf6144ee2ccc

PostNuke 0.764 Patch Files Download

Only download the patched files release if you are running a pre-existing 0.763 installation. This patch will not work with new installations or successfully patch versions earlier than 0.763. Note: due to a different SVN timestamp format this patchpacket might contain more files then expected.

Download (ZIP)

MD5: 1a17b829bafcea18ef609388b1c0e56b

SHA-1: 0244eca388ce6b11aad95d8a656d21f8bb220dbb

Download (TGZ)

MD5: 33f6c02662d26585b09df468a90d1d79

SHA-1: 7d25801a278307e9b5f307e15f60d71f6788b259

Bug Fixes

#3624, #3587, #3496, #3465.

Additionally the problems during installation in register_globals=on enviroments and problems with PHP 5.2 have been adressed.

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