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What will Postnuke .8 be?

Contributed by on Feb 23, 2007 - 01:35 AM

  1. On the way from Postnuke 0.1 to Postnuke 1.0 the step between 0.7 and 0.8 will account to roughly 80%.

  2. PostNuke .8 is the big step to get rid off the old PHPNuke code.

  3. PostNuke .8 will get rid off the old content modules and make them community projects so that the core development does not have to take care of them anymore. Modules are better developed by module developers.

  4. Postnuke .8 will contain a lot of stuff that will make module development much easier and save a lot of code. But as always in PostNuke: The APIs are an offer. You can use them, but you don't have to. And if you want to start using for example DBUtil for easier database access you don't have to use pnForms for your forms-validation.

  5. With .8 all modules that were at least semi-compliant to .7 code guidelines should work or should work with little adjustments.

  6. The idea is to make PostNuke a full-fledged web-application framework that can flexibly be used in various scenarios from simple static pages to complex communities.

  7. Nevertheless there will be "distributions" of PostNuke to match the basic needs of communities, blogs, static pages aso.

  8. So Postnuke .8 will not be .764 with more features. It's a different but compatible system.

Even though you might not really hear much from "the inside" of core development - besides the bi-weekly reports - You can be assured that core developers are not an arrogant or ignorant bunch of code wizards. They read the forums, they read the feature request tracker and they read e-mail. And they make uo their minds on what you say - but they won't always answer and nevertheless implement your suggestions. ;-)