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The GEAR: the *nuke optimization and integration team

Contributed by You can get to his s on Jul 06, 2001 - 05:49 AM

our site is not a test one, we'll configure it to make possible a teamwork of my own, with the coders that are creating stuff we'll offer to the post-nuke community.

in the plans, we have a forum... a sure and secure, with extras, and configs that will interest anyone... (multi-threads, last-message icon, private messages, sub-forums, personal avatars, that we'll offer in a future new user.php when your version will be modified, a much better way to configure smilies, etc...

all our tools are made to be used in a folder like /modules/ but we'll call it /gear/ and we'll can our modules via a block or a sideblock... we just wait to see what you want to modify to make possible the call of a addon.php in a block to show it's content (like the chatbox you'll see on our site...)

the IM will be modulated, so if you wish to show the IM as a floating window or a block, admin will have the choice in the install process...

every module or addon we do will have it install process, and everything is configured to use /gear/images/ or /gear/config/ or /gear/emoticons/ ... so you never have to erase or modify any files in your server when you use our stuff... and our icons/emoticons are not the one sent with post-nuke or anyother addon... we have a bank of 1500 emoticons, so we have the choice... mini-emoticons for the blocks, and standard ones in the addon/module.. so it's a better config tho make the block a good size... !!

so be there, we'll make some friends !!!