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Introducing: Scribite!

Contributed by on Mar 02, 2007 - 04:47 PM

"Scribite!" is Latin and means "write!" - and this imperative is also the motto of the project. Sven Schomaker (hilope) was already working on an module that made the Xinha editor available for PostNuke modules.

"Scribite!" now includes Xinha and TinyMCE and can relatively easy be expanded with more Editors so you can test them all and choose the one that best fits your editors needs.

But can not only use the WYSIWYG-editor in most common modules there is also a nice administration that makes it easy to use all the available plugins, to change the editor's language and most of all choose between several functional layouts. Most editor donot need to be able to change the color or the font of their texts. In this case you can use the reduced feature layout and offer only the basic functions.

Sven Schomaker received the 500€ last year before Christmas right in time for the birth of his first child. And yet it still is one of the most active projects in the NOC.