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Demo version of CoType module

Contributed by on Mar 18, 2007 - 05:15 PM

CoType is a document editing module. With CoType you can create multiple documents with nested sections in it - just as if you created a DocBook XML file, a LaTeX document or a well structured Word document.

A document consists of nested sections, so you always end up with a structure like this:

  +- Section 1
  |    +- Section 1.1
  |    |    + Section 1.1.1
  |    +- Section 1.2
  +- Section 2

CoType is designed to cover the grounds between a Wiki and a single document.

Wiki elements:

  • With CoType you can collaborate on document creation since every person can edit their own sections (can also be open to anonymous users).
  • With CoType you can easily link different sections (there is a toolbar button for this in the editor).
  • CoType has a complete revision history for each section and you can see who edited what, when and from where.
  • Everything is instantly online.

Single document elements

  • All sections in a CoType document can be printed, exported or downloaded as one single document for off-line use (not feature complete yet).
  • You get a nice structured table of content.
  • You can read the text linearly from section one and forward.


  • Create unlimited number of documents
  • Add unlimited number of sections to documents
  • Organization sections hierarchically by drag-and-drop
  • Automatic table of contents
  • HTML WYSIWYG editing using FCKEditor
  • Insert cross references
  • Support for PostNuke search API
  • Complete revision history
  • Only one person at a time are allowed to edit the same section. No more overwriting of other peoples work.

Future features/ideas:

  • Working with images and figures using Mediashare
  • Footnotes/end notes
  • Bibliography
  • Export to DocBook/Html/LaTeX/PDF/Word

You might ask "why a new wanna-be Book module - there's already one (and many other content modules)?". Well, there's a couple of reasons:

  • First of all I was not satisfied with Book's interface.
  • I wanted to create something that really shows how easy it is to create new modules with PostNuke .8.
  • I wanted to improve PostNuke .8 with some new features - which is best done while creating something that uses them. So I have improved on the pnForm system in PostNuke .8, added content menus to pnForm, and added the "PageLock" module. The last is a module that restricts access to a single web page such that only one person at a time can edit it.
  • No other content module (except Book) focuses on creating a content structure that can be exported or printed as one single document.

It all started with the need to create a book about outdoor sports together with some friends. This triggered the idea of a collaborative document editor, because managing a Word document on four different computers is g'dam awfull. Eventually the book idea died, but the module idea kept on - and here it is.

Download here

At last we need a disclaimer:

This is only a demo version - don't expect much support and don't expect your installation to be upgradable (it won't be!)

Support site:

Until later - happy writing :-)