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Fresh & New: PostNuke Net Operations Center (NOC)

Contributed by on Mar 20, 2007 - 11:28 PM

The work will still take some days as GForge does not not have a nice templating engine like PostNuke - it's more like a 5th grader inventing pnHTML anew. PostNuke 2002 BC :-D

But the NOC already looks a million times better and we would love to get some feedback on it via comment here or the forums.

PostNuke was the first open source project to offer something like the noc to their community. The NOC is the central repository for PostNuke development.

The advantages for modules developers are they can use the infrastructure with CVS or SVN, all the trackers and the forum without having to worry about updating their site or their layout.

Advantages for users, it's the first place to look for modules. And the ease of use because if a user knows how to report bugs or request features at one project they can do this for any other project and don't have to visit multiple sites or create multiple registrations to contact developers.

Another advantage to using a centralized repository is the community doesn't lose modules when developers abandon them. They remain at the noc until someone else picks up the work again.