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How to 'Pimp' Out pnForum

Contributed by on Mar 29, 2007 - 03:03 AM

There are already several template sets available for pnForum:

Franky's phpBB Look

And the Cmods Devs already build some Themes with templates for pnForum

For example: AphroditeXTE - Demo

Other Themes with pnForum templates:

* G-Orange-XTE

* Cmods-dev-XTE

* Candy

* icgStation

Download them:

See them: (Use the ThemeSwitcher)

The themes contains a folder /themes/ThatTheme/templates/modules/pnForum copy that into your own theme at /themes/ThatTheme/templates/modules/

But if you really like to have your own look & feel, I'd suggest you take a look at the standard templates. They are all named like the functions that call them. The contained JavaScript adds some complexity - although it's always optional. So the easiest way to create a new layout is to delete all the template's content and add a simple


This opens a popup displaying all available variables. If you don't know how to use them you can always look into the backed up version of the template.

BTW: Frank Schummertz, maintainer of pnForum, spent alot of time creating seminatic HTML for the forum. But he's looking for someone who's good in creating a nice CSS for pnForum.