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PostNuke Recovery Console - Additional Feature Requests

Contributed by on Apr 20, 2007 - 07:37 AM

Like the PSAK, The PostNuke Recovery Console is an application that contains a variety of site-fixing utilities that can be uploaded via a single file to your server. You can then perform any repair operations by visiting the file in your browser and following the onscreen instructions, same as the PSAK.

One major improvement over the PSAK is that the Recovery Console has a countdown timer built into it which will only allow the application to be used for xyz amount of time, after which the file automatically locks out further access to the code therein. A realtime graphical timer (Javascript-based) visually shows you how much time you have left to use the Recovery Console. (The Javascript is purely for display purposes, and not relied upon for security.) As the PostNuke system does not make any checks for this Recovery Console, it could easily be left on one's server accidentally and thus, misused. To this end, the lockdown feature might be of some comfort.

A few other items of interest about the Recovery Console:

  • Aesthetic, CSS-based layout. Nothing hacky, very straight-forward classes.

  • Consistent navigation.

  • Fixes that require database, when no database present, are visually disabled for clarity.

  • Each utility shows the current status of what it's about to fix, before it fixes it, and after.

  • Inline explanatory texts help you make the proper fixes.

  • Overview of recovery-related site settings.

  • Informational page about the application.

  • Status messages tell you exactly what's going on.

  • Large countdown timer lets you know how long you have left to use the application.

  • Self-contained.

  • Works with PostNuke .8+ (including MS2+)

  • Highly accessible.

Specific fixes onboard at this time mirror those of the PSAK:

  • Encode Database Credentials

  • Toggle Intranet/Internet Usage

  • Broken Theme Recovery

  • Permissions Recovery

  • Disabled Site Recovery / Turning Site Back On

  • Modules module Recovery

The code is written so that other fixes can easily be added and thus, if you have any suggestions for other utilities to incorporate into the PostNuke Recovery Console, please share them! I'm at a point where I am commenting the file now, and that will take me a least a week more to finalize I suspect, so please post any ideas for fixes you'd like to see and I'll try to get them in for the first release.

Note that this application can be downloaded from here at the NOC, but that it will take a week or 10 days for me to get the first release uploaded.


- Alar