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Recovery Console for PostNuke .8+ - Now Available

Contributed by on May 10, 2007 - 06:57 PM

Onboard Tools

  • Configuration OverviewDisplays many site config settings including module, block and theme detection.

  • Database Access RecoveryRe-encodes database credentials for the config.php file.

  • Theme RecoveryResets default site theme and/or resets user-applied themes.

  • Disabled Site RecoveryYou wondered what turning your site off would you know! This utility restores the site to the "on" state.

  • Modules Module RecoveryDeletes any Modules modules entries found in the database and freshly installs the Modules module to the System category.

  • Blocks RecoveryA chart displays important block data and allows for disabling and/or deleting any content blocks. Changing the state of multiple blocks at a time is supported.

  • PostNuke Site SearchA built-in search bar searches the PostNuke site for content by keywords. Searches for matches in the following modules at this time: pagesetter, users, downloads, weblinks, comments, ezcomments, all news stories/topics, and all forums.

  • PHP InformationPHP info is displayed by section via a tidy menu.

  • About The ApplicationA dedicated page that displays licensing, credit and other general information.

Additional Features

  • Cross-browser-compatible CSS layout.

  • Highly accessible onscreen display.

  • Visual, interactive, informative navigation.

  • Various (but few) core images used for aesthetic lists.

  • Succinct onscreen instructions for each utility.

  • All actions require confirmation and provide error/status messages.

  • All forms re-populate themselves upon error.

  • Applicable current settings are displayed on every page, before and after recovery.


  • Utilities that are not needed intelligently disable themselves.

  • User input cleansing.

  • Filename can be changed without breaking the application.

  • Time-sensitive application lockdown.

Gracefully Degrades When

  • PostNuke version is less than .8x.

  • PostNuke initialization fails.

  • Application is under lockdown.

  • Application is uploaded to incorrect location.

Of Other Interest

  • Written as a PHP class.

  • Extremely commented code.

  • Output source is XHTML 1.0 Strict; tidy and skimmable.

  • Quietly runs with E_ALL enabled.

A big thanks to all who contributed to the original PSAK, which was the strongest inspiration behind this Recovery Console, and to those who contributed with ideas, feedback and testing of the PNRC, thanks for your time and effort!

Download the PostNuke Recovery Console now!