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Pre-Installation Server Compatibility Checker

Contributed by on May 17, 2007 - 05:06 AM

The PNSCC is a utility that first checks the PHP and MySQL versions of the server for the purposes of verifying that the server meets the minimum requirements of a PostNuke installation. The application is currently checking for 'PHP 4.1.0' (or later) and 'MySQL 4.1' (or later) as these are the basic requirements of PostNuke PNSCC also uses a number of PHP ini configurations to populate a tidy display of the most common ini settings. If a non-techy person needs to quickly locate and convey these values in a tech support exchange, this can be very handy. It can be useful in a variety of situations, check the display to see how it might be of use to you.As a security measure, the PNSCC expires and disables itself after a default of 20 minutes in an effort to avoid exposing server information beyond a limited span of time. Nonetheless, the file should be deleted from the server after use.Quick Rundown

  • Shows PostNuke's minimum requirements

  • Verifies and shows current PHP version

  • Verifies and shows current MySQL version

  • Provides pass/fail messaging

  • Displays many ini-related settings

  • Locks itself down after 20 minutes

Download the PostNuke Server Compatibility Checker utility.