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3 Bugs to go: Postnuke .8 close to Release Candidate

Contributed by on Jun 06, 2007 - 08:28 PM

Already some weeks ago the core team agreed to not close all bugs in the tracker before a release but to prioritize them and only remove the class 4 and 5 bugs. Mark West and Jørn Wildt have been busy on closing one after another. Until yesterday there was only one remaining, which Robert Gasch promised to close. But now Jørn found 2 new ones: Bugtracker

While waiting for Robert to finalize the debugging of the categories module, Jørn and Mark checked .8 for its performance and found only few major flaws which have been removed in the meantime. As far as I understood Jørn's tests a blank Postnuke .8 doesn't contain more SQL-statements as inevitably needed and though calling a load of PHP functions performs quite well.

If you are able to test Postnuke on different environments - please do so and report your findings.

Language Files
David Nelson had to take a break from overhauling the English language files. But AFAIK he picked up work again and will be done soon.

After finishing the language files and closing all remaining major bugs the team will release a first release candidate.

The Wiki needs input!
If you want to help and you are neither a coder nor a templater you can help us with the documentation! Not everything in .8 is all new - install the current nightly build of .8 and the Value Addons and start writing manuals for all modules. The basic functions of all modules are the same as in .764 and the new functions are easy to learn yourself - so if there's no good documentation for .8 when it's coming out, it's not the core team to blame: You are Postnuke! ;-)