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PostNuke .8 RC1 Released

Contributed by on Jul 17, 2007 - 11:20 PM

PostNuke 0.800 RC1 Core Only Download

Download (ZIP)

MD5: 17d7f2eb16bf4dd886695adefab0e1f5

SHA-1: 624dcb1b29c17150e341878c727ddac83fadeb54

Download (TAR.GZ)

MD5: 9807fe2f3e0ef9f7fa88a3bbb0426815

SHA-1: 354edfc9eff87f77713bc1750cdc77144fcf0bff

PostNuke 0.800 RC1 Full Package Download

Download (ZIP)

MD5: 15718c1d68223bf5fc69b144666741f8

SHA-1: e1901b3d06dce1b82f2dfcde4d2da74e7afb9cf8

Download (TAR.GZ)

MD5: 1d983e5fd18907022fbec598c4ae7111

SHA-1: afb25ef625ce6e1564c40faf1cb29b3c1ea0ee13

PostNuke 0.800 RC1 ValueAddons Download

Download (ZIP)

MD5: 38879b481640289b7b6a605af41638a1

SHA-1: aa10e8f79d038b667aa8638347d3d12a999d8e99

Download (TGZ)

MD5: 4adc34945ae0cf42b3f96408bd21d17c

SHA-1: d4f80e0478bef1721eb29484024a9ed7a1a2e025

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Simon Birtwistle

About PostNuke

The PostNuke Application Framework provides a high performance, secure and feature complete framework which both website administrators and web developers can use to great effect in creating unique and attractive websites. PostNuke can be used as a CMS, adapted to blogging, ecommerce or community websites, or for more abstract tasks. It is easily adaptible, extensible and can handle situations in which performance and security are paramount. In this way, PostNuke is a reliable and robust choice for any website administrator.

The most recent version of PostNuke is 0.8 RC1, which represents a feature complete 0.8 version. Once the release candidates have undergone full testing and any remaining bugs are fixed a full release will be made available. This release will be suitable for live websites, however in the meantime RC1 is suitable for testing and development work.

Highlights For Website Administrators

The 0.8 release is more polished and up to date than ever before. With the new libraries for developers, new features should be faster and simpler to develop, reducing deployment costs. PostNuke 0.8 can be adapted to almost any need, from blogs to community websites and new third party modules are being developed all the time, constantly improving what PostNuke has to offer.

Additionally PostNuke 0.8 has a focus on the latest standards: XHTML compliance, Section 508 and Accessibility, and further enahncements have been made to both security, performance and usability.

With all core modules now templated, PostNuke 0.8 is designed to be cached, providing a huge performance boost over dynamically generating every page. Furthermore, with the templating system applied to all core modules designers will find it easier than ever to create a unique look to their websites. Gone are the days of standard 3 column layouts - PostNuke 0.8 includes new themes which are CSS, and not table, based. The new Xanthia theme engine is easier to use and performs better than ever before, while including an upgrade feature making it easy to import Xanthia themes from previous PostNuke versions.

For website administrators, this is the best PostNuke release yet, combining compliance with the latest standards and constantly improving features.

Highlights For Web Developers

The 0.8 release provides an Application Framework to allow rapid development of web solutions using the now stable PostNuke core. This allows third party developers to use the wide range of included API and utility libraries to create their own modules and extend the feature set PostNuke already provides.

Of these libraries, one of the most substantial is DBUtil, providing a cross compatible interface to the database. Selecting, updating and deleting data can all be achieved in one line, and DBUtil, combined with ADOdb will automatically create a cross compatible query for whatever database system is in use. PostNuke .8 has been tested with PostGreSQL, and further databases will be supported in future versions.

Other key features are site wide categories, supported through integration with DBUtil, the PostNuke Forms Framework for HTML forms, and other object based APIs. All of these are new since the 0.7x series and ensure third party development is both quicker and easier, and that compatibility with future versions is maintained.

For web developers, PostNuke will provide an attractive option when searching for a framework upon which complex web solutions can be built quickly, easily and with a minimum of effort. This applies even with normally time consuming tasks such as categories implementations, as the PostNuke core already handles many common requirements of web solution.