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What's going on?

Contributed by on Aug 25, 2007 - 05:55 PM

1. Of course we are fixing all the bugs that you report. And as soon as all major bug in the bugtracker are fixed the RC2 will be released. You are all doing a great job in testing .8 in various scenarios, with all kinds of modules and so on. We couldn't do that without you. So a special kudo from the development team to everybody who's testing.

2. We are all looking forward to the International Postnuke Developer Meeting in Osnabrück, Germany in September. You are still invited and we will be happy to get to know you. The focus of this year's meeting will the the .8 technologies. We have to spread the knowledge about all the great libraries inside .8 to the community. Thus we will have several presentations and workshops dealing with that. You can still register and book a room:

3. There are currently some reorganizations going on within the teams and Postnuke Foundation is working on a nice little surprise - we will have seperate announcements about this within the next weeks.

4. We need your help to build a good documentation. Please look into the wiki and see if you can't improve it: Pick out one of the .8 modules and describe how it works. Look through the articles and improve the descriptions. Remove typos. Find paragraphs that are not clearly enough written and make them clearer.

We could also use some good best practices - if you think you found a clever way to combine this and that module or you have some other special solution - write an article. People will love it.

There is so much you can do. And it's not too complicated. Postnuke lives through it's community. And you are part of that community, no matter how small your input is. Small pieces accumulate to a bigger picture.