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How you can help Postnuke - Part 1

Contributed by on Sep 05, 2007 - 06:31 PM

There are many general CMS, Coding, PHP aso communities all over the web. Tell them what we are doing.

Some examples: is an open source network that connects people through the software they create and use. This is were you can meet other developers and see what they are doing. The registered projects are analyzed and can be compared. On the Postnuke project homepage you find some very interesting information about Postnuke. regards not only the Postnuke core but also some of the better known modules. Thus the statistics reflect the development of Postnuke as a whole. You can add your own repositories there and claim your code. Show those other devs, that you are there and what you are working on. collects websites and sorts them by the used CMS. There's not one Postnuke site in that list. You should take 2 minutes to submit your best Postnuke work.

If you are registered at you find a Postnuke Group with more than 50 professional Postnuke users - join us there.

Give presentations about Postnuke at Web Mondays or at BarCamps.

When you look for other CMS at you find a load of tutorial videos - why don't we have any of those for Postnuke?

If you have a personal blog: write about Postnuke and what you do with it.

Maybe you have some ideas of your own that you like to share with us. Simply add a comment here!