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pnMeeting 2007: Mark West's Keynote

Contributed by on Sep 08, 2007 - 04:26 PM

We released .764 and .8 RC1 - RC2 is supposed to follow within the next few weeks. We did a redesign of the NOC and appointed a new Steering Committee.

Postnuke is now in the process of a rebranding. A new name has been chosen by the Postnuke Foundation and as soon as all legal issues are solved the new name will be presented to the community.

Mark's next topic were the central features in Postnuke .8 which are also the main topic of this years meeting. The German Postnuke Foundation tried to assemble a panel that explains all the new features to the broad community.

Believe it or not - .9 is already in the planning. There's already a branch in the SVN and we decided to make it PHP5 only. The Object Library will become core. The language system will get an overhaul - other systems will be evaluated. .9 will deliver UTF-8 and it should be possible to really have multilingual content.

Mark West pointed out the power of the Postnuke permission system - but also the problems with its complexity. Frank Schummertz volunteered to work out the next generation permission system.

If you want to help, Mark asks you to work on the wiki, do some testing, report bugs, submit patches or develop your own Postnuke extensions.

In the following discussion, Frank Schummertz reported the experience some users made with the UTF-8 conversion of Postnuke.