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pnMeeting 2007: Albert Perez Monfort introduces the "Intraweb" project

Contributed by on Sep 08, 2007 - 09:35 PM

3000 public schools, around 80000 teachers and 1 million students use Postnuke for their school websites. The Department of Education offers a Postnuke sites to every school in Catalonia and some 500 of them use it.

Besides Postnuke Moodle and MyScrapBook are in use for the project. MyScrapBook is an easy content solution that the schools use to produce book-style web sites.

As a first step the projects main site has been migrated from Joomla to Postnuke - a point that was criticized last year ;-) But more importantly during the last year 450 teacher were trained in the use of PostNuke. Theses courses are repeated this year with another 400 teachers.

Albert Monfort and his collegues for their project integrated Postnuke with the eLearning system Moodle very comfortably. Moreover they imporved some of the old core modules so that they can handle massive numbers of users. For their special requirements Albert Monfort and his collegues programmed several modules. For example "Agendas" handles Agendas for single users or groups of users. Teachers can even handle presence lists with Postnuke. All modules are available via their homepage only most of they are currently Catalan only.

They even build up an internal FAQ system for common problems with Postnuke. It's in Catalan - so if you are able to speak Catalan feel free to translate it for the wiki. ;-)

For the future the Catalanian Deparment of Educations plans to at once move to .8 and run it only with one installation. That will reduce the maintainance work and the risk of problems with hundereds of installations.

The project "Intraweb" can be found at