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pnMeeting 2007: Axel Guckelsberger on EasyDist, EasyInstaller & the ModuleStudio

Contributed by on Sep 08, 2007 - 10:25 PM

EasyDist is a distribution system that enables the future webmaster to point & click a custom Postnuke package - complete with core, modules, theme and languages. Just as you need it. EasyDist will then give you a download archive with all parts in the right folders.

EasyInstaller is a window program that helps the newbie to install the previously acquired package. You simply have to type in FTP and Database credentials and if will upload and install Postnuke automatically. EasyInstall is written in C# and Axel is looking for someone to take over the job of finalizing the work on EasyInstaller.

The major project is the ModuleStudio. I can't really summarize the whereabouts of this system. But Axel assured me that it helps module developers to point & click a new module within few hours and it won't be possible anymore to write incompliant functions anymore. Every module generated with his system must be as secure as the rest of Postnuke and can only contain errors that are errors of the generator and if you correct that error in the ModuleStudio you can update every module in the same step. The programmer himself can't introduce coding errors.

During the presentation Axel showed a live demo of the visual editor which turned out to be pretty impressing. The ModuleStudio will be released open source but maybe there will be restrictions and different licenses for commerical or non open source projects.

Further information about these projects can be found at