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How to build a distribution

Contributed by on Sep 23, 2007 - 03:51 AM

At you can see a nice example of what is possible with the separation of core an modules. You are able to point and click your own package - select some modules, chose a theme and there you have your very own package.

The easy distribution system will become part of and directly access the module database here. So that you are always up-to-date when you download your package. (BTW: They are not up-to-date now - it's only a beta!)

That is pretty cool, if you know what you need and if you know how to tie these modules together properly.

Become a Distributor

If you want to build a package that contains preconfigured modules with custom templates aso you should look into the wiki. There you find a description of a file that contains 2 functions. One function defines the modules that are to be installed and the other function can be used to call modules API function or any PHP function you like.

I this manner you can install your modules, configure them and fill them with demo content.

Finally you can replace the standard themes with some nice custom themes.

These distributions can then be included in Easydist as "Scenarios" or be distributed via your homepage or whatever you like.

Any questions? Comments? Critique?