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Two new core team entrants

Contributed by on Sep 26, 2007 - 05:18 PM

Bernd Plagge (bplagge) is using PostNuke in Japan and has much experience with the gettext technology. Therefore he is going to play the main role in renewing the PostNuke language system for .9, we are glad to have an expert for these things onboard now.

Philipp Niethammer ( is already known as the author of pnBook, the first pnRender-based guestbook module. Recently he wrote several additions, i.e. a ListUtil for managing different types of lists (flat, nested aso) and FilterUtil for comfortable filter definitions including Pagesetter. His newest work is an interface for the logging system DBUtil provides so that one is able to manage the change history of a particular object. Along the way he also fixed some bugs in DBUtil and ObjectUtil, so we decided to get him into the team.

Thanks to both guys for their engagement and contributions to the project.