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News from "Behind the Scenes"

Contributed by on Oct 05, 2007 - 01:33 AM


The new name and the logo have been chosen, now the lawyers have to do their work in claiming the necessary trademarks. This is more important for Europe as it is for the US. but we will get the trademark worldwide to avoid any future problems. But, as usual, the administrative mills are working slowly, so this needs some more time. As soon as this process has been finished we will decide about announcing the new name, either immediately or together with the final release of .8 (which will in this case be renamed to $newname 1.0).

EasyDist and the extension database

Axel and Simon have written a concept paper of how to connect the EasyDist module (see [url][/url]) to the extension database on this site. Necessary changes on both sides are identified and will be done in the next weeks. The plan is to have this working together with the release of $newname 1.0. Among other things EasyDist will be enabled to get the latest module or theme information from the database to create up-to-date packages whenever a new version of a module or theme has been released, an admin interaction will not be required.

Release Manager

Although the EasyDist module will become a very powerful tool we still have to supply the usual download packages. For this we need someone to create, validate, upload etc. those packages. In the future this task will be done by Patrick Cornelissen (patrick.c). He will also maintain the SVN module that is internally used on this site to create the daily snapshots for the core and selected modules. Thanks to Patrick for accepting this task.

New Subdomains on will get two new subdomains:

- for devs and team members to post tips, news, information etc. This is the official replacement for the old site. Moving this site to a subdomain was planned from the very beginning.

- will be a demo installation of .8 with working admin part, including some selected modules (not yet defined). This will be almost the same as where the database is rebuilt from a backup every night via a cron job or manually throughout the day if needed.

Both sites will be installed and maintained by Philipp Niethammer ( and Gabriel Freinbichler (gf).


We know that .8 is lacking a real documentation and we want to change this. Therefore a group of interested users will be built until beginning of November to take over this part. The Steering Committee will then decide about the project leader for this and ask him or her to work on a proposal for a manual, online help, and wiki structure which should all fit together (this also includes the tools needed to do the job) until mid of December latest (earlier if possible). When this has been accepted, we will talk about an exact time frame for finally writing the docs. Here everyones input is appreciated of course!

The project leader will have to submit a regular report about the proceedings to the SC.

Bug fixing weekend

As already announced in [url][/url] the bug fixing weekend will start on Saturday, 6th. Mark and Robert also want to join us (virtually) to squish out some nasty bugs, Roberts main target will be the categories module.

Interested users can also join us using Skype. If you are interested, please send me your screen name via mail or private message so that we can invite you.

As you can see, the project is active although some might have thought the opposite. We delegated or will delegate some tasks to users who are able and ready to contribute to PostNuke. If you also want to participate, please contact us, there is always something YOU can do.

If you think you have something that is worth to be spoken about in the next chats, please tell us.