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Looking for Documenation Project Team Members

Contributed by on Oct 06, 2007 - 05:13 AM

Potential candidates check list:

  • A well-rounded understand of PostNuke. You need not be an expert in
    everything PostNuke, but you should be able to effectively administer, adapt
    and modify a PostNuke site.

  • Able to reasonably read and write in English, as far as it pertains to
    PostNuke documentation writing. The key is reasonable; You do not have to
    master English writing, as content is more important over style.
    Contributing author's English will be edited for clear and concise grammar
    and usage.

  • Able to work with a team. This may mean adjusting personal styles and
    viewpoints to the teams objectives. This also means to possess the ability
    to collaborate and construct ideas as a group member.

  • Must have the time to work on such an extensive project. Yes, we offer
    flexible hours.

  • Must be able to commit. Must be willing to commit. Also commitment is
    essential. And before I forget, we need someone who is going to commit to
    this project.


  • Long hours and no pay

  • Getting to contribute to the PostNuke project

  • Having your name associated with PostNuke (Hey, you can put it on your

  • Development of friendship and camaraderie

Are you still interested? Well, if you are please send me a Private Message
on this site.


  • Your name and PostNuke Handle (Nickname)

  • Experience with PostNuke and related

  • Your motivation for this project

  • The amount of time you can give per week. Average.

  • Any relevant information, you feel we should know about.

  • Any spacial skills (related to this project) i.e. Technical Writer

Even though, we would like to accept all candidates to this project, we
cannot. It is our intention to keep this project small enough to be
manageable, yet large enough to be effective. I will be selecting only a few
for final review and selection by the Steering Committee. Thank you in advance
for your consideration to this project.

David Pahl -- Documentation Project Lead