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Rebranding of PostNuke... thoughts and considerations!

Contributed by on Nov 19, 2007 - 04:31 AM

The obvious tasks at hand (once the legal issues are in place) will be to explain people outside the active community what is happening, why and what consequences the rebranding will have.

Thats not just a task for (sorry I don't know the new name ;)

The whole community, from main community site to the most "insignificant" PostNuke support site has to take part in this massive campaign to promote the new name and to explain.

Thats a big coordination task but thats not all... the PostNuke users you don't necessarily reach with this work is our customers!

Those of us that has made PostNuke not just a way of life but also a way of living has to explain to paying customers why the CMS they have been told was the worlds best and most steady product suddenly has to be renamed.

You could shrug off this and assert that "you have earned the money... you do the work and keep on smiling"... thats partly right... personaly I have never been payed for the system or any public available modules or such only the time I invested in the projects.

Last but not least we have to reach the people that are not aware of "renamedpostnuke".

Today you have to be creative when searching for a CMS on google and NOT hitting a PostNuke site within the first 2 resulting pages.

What the above lines boil down to is... have you got a plan for this?

I certainly understand why there is so much secrecy about the new name because it's a worldwide rebranding but again I ask you to consider the fact that there are a lot of community- and support sites out there that might feel slighted or disregarded.

We (the local community sites) have put a considerable amount of work and effort into promoting and supporting PostNuke and would ofcourse want to be able to do the same for "renamedpostnuke".

If we are not able to aquire "renamedpostnuke"-dot-"countrycode" for the major community sites in the various countries then please give us the opportunity to claim a variety of the name (maybe in advance) or "certify" us or whatever.

Maybe you schould have a little more faith in us and see us as "partners" in stead of "competitors"... well maybe I'm out of line here but that's how I sometimes feel ;)

You could claim that you have considered this and will make subdomain's for the various contries but that might not be the best way to do things. Although I would like to see a closer relationship between the main community site and the local community sites we still have to be just that... "local".

As stated above this is not criticism just some personal thoughts I have had for some time now and thought schould get out in the open.

If you will take them into consideration or not is up to you... maybe they already have been and I just didn't grasp it ;)

Anyhow I think there has been too little "public" info regarding the rebranding and your thoughts and considerations.

Right now I even don't care about the new name (...who am I kidding...OFCOURSE I DO...can hardly wait ;) and maybe I'm the only person who questions the steps involved...?

With the best of intentions the deepest respect for your work and 100% loyal PostNuke community- supporter and admin

Kim Enemark

Administrator at

PS: Try to google "postnuke" ;)

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