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Postnuke .8 RC2

Contributed by on Dec 12, 2007 - 10:31 PM

The release candidate is the current state of the SVN and contains compared to RC1 a lot of bug fixes, a rewritten and simplified categories module and an improved upgrade for users of Postnuke .764.


There are 3 packages available:

The core pack contains only the bare system and no content modules. It's supposed to serve as the basis for a new site. So you only have to upload all the modules you personally need.

The value addons contain all the content modules from .7x in their latest version fit for .8. So if you need Quotes or FAQ for your site, this is the place to find them.

The upgrade pack contains everything you need to update an existing .764 site. It is the core pack and the value addons in one package. Please note: DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR LIVE SITE.
This is still not a final release and is not supposed to be used in live enviroments. If you intend to upgrade your site with the final version you should test the upgrade with the RC2 and a
local copy of your .764 site.

Please test!. The more you test now with the RC2 and the more bugs you report, the less trouble you will have with the final version.


MD5 Checksums

  • 6cf82ee1883136c4c0bf69e13f1d91ba PostNuke-0.800-RC2-FULL.tar.gz

  • dd7f4b50e4ddfdbd3d96b017287f1a7c

  • 6ebf2a51234a6401b7c96c89781d7165 PostNuke-0.800-RC2-CORE.tar.gz

  • 14e65ef97d88470e0080c8e9538c9147

  • 89a6d51fa3f10286b09c29ea312ff7c9 PostNuke-0.800-RC2-ValueAddons.tar.gz

  • e06a81aec7e50292dfd63fd40a7c88b9

SHA1 Checksums

  • dd75378f3fa87df7b4b827e74adc0e162c29e861 PostNuke-0.800-RC2-FULL.tar.gz

  • 2de3a2132265b920ab5333f6d2ec692e1c3061e1

  • 90ee7897b7abf29a4a136029823cb8a337a4076f PostNuke-0.800-RC2-CORE.tar.gz

  • 376ae9f296c2533965d95972ddf05937a9cae4b4

  • de878d7472ae9d2fc54bcf7322cbd5e8df015e32 PostNuke-0.800-RC2-ValueAddons.tar.gz

  • 78ba886356e44da4798abf9577ab45b68756c741


The upgrade will only work for .764 sites. If your site is based on an older version this is the time to start your upgrade. If you have any questions about the update, visit the forums.

There will be no major changes from RC2 to the final release. The RC is bug fix only. If you intend to write modules, themes aso for Postnuke .8 you can start working with this RC.