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A quick module 'til the end of 07 ?

Contributed by on Dec 21, 2007 - 12:01 PM

The idea behind it is simple: with the help of graphical editors one creates a model describing a module so far that all necessary information is contained which is needed to generate it. Different validations call attention to incorrect or missing elements, so that always runnable modules are produced.

The module is completely separated from its technical realisation, the whole development cycle can happen on an abstract level. When new versions are released, pressing a button is sufficient to update a module.

This preview version only provides necessary means and should really be taken for a preview. There is much planned and there are also some messy bugs, but with some excercise one can do work of weeks in ten minutes already :-)

You can find further information on the project homepage as well as in the application itself.

Have fun and a nice Christmas!