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PostNuke Project Update

Contributed by on Dec 24, 2007 - 12:18 AM

Bug Fixing for RC3 / Bug Fix Weekend #2

Many new bugs have been submitted since the release of RC2, but as always, to improve the quality of 0.8 final we are looking for more. Please submit any bugs you find to the NOC. Meanwhile, RC2 bugfixing is in full swing, and the number of bugs in the bug tracker is steadily reducing. In preparation for RC3 early in the new year, we've scheduled a new bug fix weekend for the first weekend of January (plans are still to be finalised). For this weekend a Skype chat will be set up. If you feel you could offer assistance over the weekend, either through testing or coding then we invite you to join us. More details to follow shortly.

International Communities Request

In preparation for the publication of the project's new name we're looking to get in contact with those running local community support sites. To ensure active local communities are able to get international domain names the project is accepting applications for those currently running established communities. If you are interested in applying for a local domain name, please use the contact form to contact the Steering Committee.

Teams and Call for Volunteers

A separate article will shortly be posted asking for volunteers for a number of new sub teams within the projects. We're looking for people with some time to donate to the project in one of a number of different roles in an exciting time for the project. If you could be one of those people, please watch this space.

Module Developer's List - A Reminder

A list is available for module developers to ask questions and share expertise. Currently being discussed is the future of pnCommerce. We invite all those with an interest in PostNuke development to subscribe to the list - to do so, please PM Steffen (comment #1).

New on 0.9, Language System Redevelopments

Part of the list of features for 0.9 is a new languages system. Bernd Plagge is focused on this new system and is about to start working on the PostNuke-devel branch in SVN. We'll post more news on this system in a future article, but if you're subscribed to the commits list then look out for his work as it rolls in.

Web Links Module Needs a New Home

Unfortunately, Klaus Petzka has given the Web Links module up for adoption as he lacks the necessary time to maintain the module. As this is an extremely widely used module and a new API compliant version will be needed for .8, we're looking for a new maintainer. The module is nearly complete and just lacks a couple of functions before it can be released. Simply finishing this module off would be a valuable contribution to the community. If you are interested, please use the contact form to get in touch with the Steering Committee.