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Mutant Dot Sixty-Two Up and Walking

Contributed by Anonymous on Aug 14, 2001 - 02:06 AM

.6.2 first and foremost is a maintenance release with numerous bugs cleaned. The SF tracker is down in the 20's from it's high in the 60's earlier last week. Great work by the bug team there!

There are also plenty of new features with this release.

First off, there is the new FAQ. This allows your users to post questions to be answered. It's a very nice addition by Mike Cortez!

Table sharing is in effect as well with this release. You can now share tables amognst sites that share the same database. This is a very good option for those of you that run multiple PN sites on your same domain. Zamolxe nailed this feature down, and it is very cool!

Index.php has undergone a major overhaul as well. The categories have been merged into this file, as well as the READMORE links have been redefined (and all variables are now passed to the themes) for greater control for you theme designers. Patrick is the man on the town with this one.

There is also archived submissions for high traffic sites. You may not want to publish all of your news that you recieve on a daily basis, but you also don't want your stats to show 1000 news articles waiting to publish. You can now archive it! You go, adam_baum!

We are also prepping some added features, and may have one more Mutant release if necessary. These include:

Language files are being modularized so that your server does not have to parse a 100k file for each page view, just the translations needed for that page. This should dramitically increase performance once instituted and also shows why we feel the need for modularizing everything in the system. Thanks go out to Patrick for this one!

The modules system is also being improved by dctanner. There is now a version file in each module folder, and this will be greatly expanded in the future.

This may be the last Mutant release, unless there is something major. The next release (Codename: Rogue) will bring together many features including the much awaited new users system (which is going through preliminary tests as we speak).

For install, there have been many changes in the structure of files. Your best bet is to back-up your files and then delete them. Then you will want to install the new files. Remember we auto include the includes directory, and a file that is no longer there (such as meta.php, or advheadlines.php) will cause you tons of problems.

On the database side BACK UP YOUR DATABASE before you do anything. Then you will want to run install.php and upgrade from .6 or .5. If you have any problems, we also included our CVS tool (postnuke_update.php) which searches for updates for .5.0 and automatically updates from there. You are much better off upgrading from the install file, but that was included as an emergency back-up.

After upgrading, go to your admin preferences and re-save your site's language preference!

Hope you enjoy the latest Mutant!