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A Call For Volunteers

Contributed by on Jan 04, 2008 - 10:50 PM

Layout and User Interface Team

Now PostNuke is nearing the final release of 0.8, we're beginning to look beyond towards the future development, both of .8 and .9. In that future, we'd like PostNuke to look better, be easier to use and to really stand out among all the competing systems out there. And all that while remaining standards compliant and accessible! We need a team of skilled people to take PostNuke to the next level. We're looking for those skilled in HTML, CSS, Photoshop and image design, Ajax (specifically prototype and PostNuke's Ajax framework), PostNuke's theme engine and those with a knowledge of standards and Section 508. Does any one of that list sound like you? If so, please contact us as soon as possible for more information!

ValueAddon Development

We're still looking for willing developers to take over development of all the old ValueAddons in SVN (see the PostNuke-devel/modules directory for a full list). The more modules from this selection that are adopted by third party developers the better - the core team can concentrate on faster and better releases of the core, moving us to .9 quicker. All the modules in SVN are .8 ready, they just need a little attention and new features adding. Please get in touch if you can adopt a ValueAddon.


This is something every single PostNuke user can contribute to. We're always looking for help in the forums, answering questions and helping users both experienced and just getting started. The PostNuke community is a friendly place, so why not show that to those who join us by answering any questions they may have? Even better, if you could transfer whatever you write a detailed page in the PostNuke Wiki you'd benefit the whole community.

Marketing and Publicity

Following .8 we're planning a marketing campaign to show the world just how good PostNuke is. If you have contacts in the web development industry, are able to publicise PostNuke to clients, coworkers or write a series of articles for a magazine then you can contribute here! We're looking to form a team entirely focused on this goal, so please contact us if you can help out.

Of course, if there's nothing in the list above which appeals to you we can always find a use for a willing volunteer. If you have any free time at all, and would like to give something back, please contact us as soon as you can.