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It's All About Distributions

Contributed by on Jan 20, 2008 - 01:32 AM

Where's the HTML Editor?

There seems to be a small rally for a WYSIWYG editor to be included with the core distribution. Realistically, not every web site needs an editor. Some simply do not need the code bloat or overhead with which an editor comes. Furthermore, all editors are not created equal. In fact, if someone does not like or use the editor and wants to remove it, then work is needed to remove it. This is where distributions come into play. One only needs to create a PostNuke distribution with an Editor. Now it will be ready for the masses.

Now there are some real advantages to not including modules into the core. With a smaller core set, there is only a need to update and patch what you use. This also allows modules to add features at a rate independent of the core. Who wouldn't want features faster? For example, if there was a feature added to AvantGo that you really wanted but it was only available in the SVN, one may feel wary about using it. Now, you can have a release version of AvantGo whenever, complete with new and exciting features!

New Blood

Specialization allows new users to get what they need to start their project and start tinkering around with PostNuke, instead of trying to read endless forum threads trying to figure out how to assemble a package to start their endeavors. Specialized distributions should encourage many new website entrepreneurs to stop and take a good long look at the software. Imagine a user stumbles upon PostNuke while researching perspective engines. He looks at WordPress, a nice blog system. He finds Gallery, a nice photo gallery. Next he finds PostNuke with a nice list of different distributions. Next he finds phpBB, a seemingly good forum/portal system. Now which seems more appealing? The system with a wide range of flexibility, yet with specialized distributions or a specialized system with limited flexibility?

I'm a Winner, You're a Winner!

The advantages to separating the core from the modules outweighs the disadvantages. This is why there is a move towards specialized distribution. So people can have what they want and need, not what the core says they are getting. With the reduced core, you are getting more by getting less.

David Pahl