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Intraweb project towards version 2.0

Contributed by on Feb 11, 2008 - 05:35 PM

With the imminent publication of version 0.8 of PostNuke we have decided to check, improve and adapt all our modules to this new version and, at the same time give more diffusion to our work. So you are invited to visit our website (in catalan). In this moment we have 15 modules that work correctly with version 0.764 of PostNuke and we have 4 modules adapted to 0.8 version. There is a website were you can test them (in English). These modules are:

  • iw_moodle: It allows to integrate Moodle (versions 1.8.x) into the PostNuke (version 0.8) with single sign on between the two programs.

  • iw_vhmenu: It makes possible to create a vertical or horizontal menu with a lot of configurable options. At the same time it is possible to choose the groups that are going to see the different menu items.

  • iw_webbox: With this module it is possible to show any HTML content into the web. In this link there is an example.

  • iw_main: It contains some functions and variables that are used in the Intraweb modules.

Very soon we are going to have a new module available for the version 0.8, but I'll explain this in some days.