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PostNuke 0.8 RC3 Released

Contributed by on Feb 20, 2008 - 06:17 AM

PostNuke 0.8 RC3 Upgrade Pack Download

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MD5: 02629a822154f9f88a72ebea7f562470

SHA-1: 7ca9de7e7285778122e3d711c1b48f9ee4342396

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MD5: eaf730995aec0acebca26f62a9f5ec98

SHA-1: 2245191875cb66d4c2cbda769321b3f0ccb7dc33

PostNuke 0.800 RC3 Core Download

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MD5: 95000958fa40f442a40282db5aae1799

SHA-1: aaa57406204bdc1220a6768d6de2021736ffe1cc

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MD5: e563098769d0ce448c31a39a92f9b0ab

SHA-1: 5fe83c58707de118a28ba0dd8c72138706d90388

PostNuke 0.800 RC3 ValueAddons Download

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MD5: 195a63ac59c1ddce7507ad50b21032d1

SHA-1: 8f64584642ea3959b13a98b1649dfe50921ffa31

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MD5: f7436f01187f81f34eb80c4959d46d37

SHA-1: 5ebce8c82fa1599ad81b3bce771d418b6e496329

Release Highlights

There are a number of improvements in RC3 over RC2, these include an enhanced upgrade script, the new Tour module and some last minute categories module improvements.

New Upgrade Script

The two upgrade scripts, upgrade76.php and upgrade.php have now been combined into a single file. In addition to this, a number of interface improvements have been made to make the process of upgrading your .7x series websites simpler and more reliable. The new script also solves some long standing bugs with the update proceedure, so we invite anyone who had problems with the upgrade proceedure previously to try again with this new version.

Tour Module

In an attempt to reduce the learning curve when first starting with PostNuke, a new module has been developed to introduce you to this new release of PostNuke. It provides a first time tour of PostNuke, introducing you to common terms like block, module and theme with which new users may not be familiar and also gives some basic hints and tips on where to start.

For more experienced users, there is a 'New In PostNuke 0.8' section, where you can discover more about this release of PostNuke, and a distribution tour, where authors of distributions can describe the purpose of their package and how it benefits you as a site administrator. The distribution tour page is stored in docs/distribution/tour_page1.htm, and an example is included in this release. This file is not intended to be viewed outside the Tour module, as the Tour module adds navigational elements around the page.

Finally, module and theme developers can include tours for their module, to introduce users to key features, or help them familiarise themselves with the basics. It is intended to serve as a crash course for all modules - be they complicated (such as pagesetter) or more simple (such as the Pages module). Certain modules have hidden features about which a user may not necessarily be aware, and we hope that the tour module will allow module developers to better promote the features their modules contain.

The tour module supports multipage tours for all modules - simply store tour_page1.htm and any subseqeuent pages in modules/yourmodule/pndocs/, or themes/yourtheme/docs.

Categories Improvements

The categories module received a few last minute improvements in SVN just before the release of RC3. These improvements are aimed at developers using categories in their modules, and especially multiple categorisation scenarios. Further details will be available shortly, but those interested can read the patch submitted for the issues at the NOC.