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The Grifters Get Post-Nuked

Contributed by Anonymous on Aug 14, 2001 - 05:25 PM

Using Post-Nuke worked like a charm for this MP3 archive. I stripped the system down to the essentials--news, polls, faq, and of course, downloads. I love the new advanced blocks feature (thanks Patrick!) and the way it let me manipulate things and turn stuff off without having to do a lot of handcoding.

I actually ended up turning off the main menu and building a graphics-based navbar across the top instead. The theme is actually just ExtraLite with the colors and the header changed.

Anyway, if you're a serious rock fan, give the site a shot. The Grifters are not only a helluva band, they're also a nice bunch of guys and good friends. I've put in a contact form and if you wanna say hey to any of the fellas, you can send them a note directly from the site.