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GSoC Interview: Mathieu Prevel

Contributed by on Apr 28, 2008 - 06:20 AM

2. What attracted you to the Google Summer of Code as a programme, and PostNuke as a project?

For me, the Google Summer of Code is the opportunity to carry out an interesting project and better know the open source evolution.
I do think that type of knowledge should be shared. That is why I like open source, and why I did my utmost to be accepted into your organisation to program with you during this Google Summer Of Code. Actually, by making easier the creation of a website for anybody you get close to my way of thinking.
I want to participate to an Open Source project because I already take advantage of the work of the Open Source community. (I use Mandriva with KDE, I can program with PHP, C...) I couldn't be who I am without the Open Source community. It is my way to thank it.

3. Tell us about your project, and how you hope it can benefit PostNuke?

My project is a revisions control. It will be a user-friendly central system GUI in the admin panel which could allow to see the different versions and to revert to a previous version.
All existing modules and future modules should be easily added to this revisions control.
It could be very useful if there is some admins.

5. What do you personally hope to gain from participating in the Summer of Code with PostNuke?

This GSOC is the opportunity to realize something useful for everybody. Due to Open Source I could meet people who live all around the world and learn to know them. I could learn who they are, and share my time with people who have the same hobby I have.
I do think it is an interesting experience and a human adventure.

6. Can you see yourself contributing your talents to Open Source projects following the SoC? Will you continue to work with PostNuke in some capacity after the programme has ended?

I am very interested in Open Source projects thus I would contribute to them and carry on with PostNuke after this GSoC.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to say now, as the programme begins?

I would thank you PostNuke again to choose me to realize this project and the community which is very friendly. I am excited to begin.

Lastly, thanks for your time – we in the PostNuke team are excited about the Summer of Code, so thank you for taking part and choosing PostNuke!