Flexible Content Management System


I Think I'm Ready to Switch

Contributed by These are some excel on Aug 15, 2001 - 04:35 PM

1. There is no good reason to keep admins added to the system from being allowed to post as a normal user! You *can* do it securely. Can I do this with PN?

2. There are NO code comments in PHPN, which makes it difficult to sift through and find bugs. Is this addressed in PN?

3. The online documentation with PHPN might as well be non-existent. Is this fixed in PN?

4. I am not hosting the site myself - it's on an ISPs server. Is this a problem, since I can't ever get root access to these machines?

5. Will PHPN themes work with Post Nuke? I've heard theme development is 'easier' in PN, but have seen no documentation detailing the process... ?

6. FB created PHPN as a means of learning PHP, and that inexperience is grossly apparent. How does the PN staff's experience compare with FB?

7. My site plans to rely heavily on the Forum in the future. What forums are integrated into PN, and how stable are they? Which is the most stable, and what are some of the existing, inevitable, leftover problems with it at this point?

With those questions answered, I can make at least a somewhat educated decision. Feel free to keep these questions for use in a 'I Wanna Switch' FAQ :)