Flexible Content Management System


Question of the Month Contest Module Suggestion

Contributed by Anonymous on Aug 17, 2001 - 01:42 AM

I want to be able to post a question and a few possible answers in a block just like the survey. But this would be for registered users only. At the end of the month (or the period of time the Admin defines) the module should pick a winner (or any number of winners the Admin defines, depending on how many prizes) among the users that answered the question correctly. Then the winner(s) can be displayed in another block, or in the same block as the contest module.

These could be the tasks for this module (open to suggestions, of course):

1. Use the survey system as a base for this module and make it available for registered users only.

2. Only one answer per user. If the user tries to answer more than once, the system shouldn't allow him to do so.

3. An admin module to add/edit/delete questions, and another to display the winner(s) chosen at random by the module. This choosing can be done automatically once the time period ends, or by a button for the admin to force the system to choose.

4. DB tables to store questions, answers, and who answered them.

The idea behind this module is to encourage user registration and to supress anonymous visitors to a minimum. Also, this is a good way to reward our visitors, don't you think?

Anyone up for the challenge? Suggestions are welcome.