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an XML-RPC interface for postnuke

Contributed by Anonymous on Aug 18, 2001 - 01:48 PM

This is already being used to post to blogger from Jabber chat room.. imagine being able to say in a chat room

bot: today, i was thinking about ...

and the friendly bot will post it to your weblog?

Well, you see, we need an XML-RPC interface for postnuke. besides posting, other modules could use this to expose functionality to the web. like search.php that returns all matches to a certain query. this would also allow to couple modules across different web sites. and so on.

so what is needed for this? first, a generic xml-rpc server and client library for php. this is already available. second, an uri where these services can be implemented, like /services or /xmlrpc. third, a number of php files to implement the actual services.

Anyone interested in coding such a thing? comments?

If I find some spare time in the coming weeks I hope to implement some of these ideas in postnuke.