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Logos and themes for World Peace sites

Contributed by Anonymous on Aug 18, 2001 - 03:25 PM

Originally, WOPnet was meant to be a central Web site to help coordinate a global day of music concerts to celebrate IDP around the world. However, because of time constraints, I would now like have make the site available for other organizations to post information about their Culture of Peace Week celebrations and activities. On the other hand, the Global Dialog Web site will be used to enable radio stations around the world to participate in IDP and Culture of Peace Week in general by producing programs about peace, and using the site to publicize their programs, and share information with each other, . I initially installed PHP-Nuke on WOPnet, but will be changing it to Post-Nuke, which is already being run on the Global Dialog site.

I would appreciate any help in developing logos and themes for either one or both sites, and would be glad to provide additional information to anyone able to help. Also, I will be needing help with some translation so anyone interested in helping in that regard should let me know. Finally, I would especially appreciate any logo and/or theme help as soon as possible (within one week or so) given that IDP is less than one month away.

Thanks in advance for your help, and best wishes.

Katim S. Touray