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New Release -- Last one for a little while!

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Some of the things that we are working on next are some added features that we are including that are already released either as full tarballs, or as addons.

First, pkellum's advance block hack is going to be examined in the next alpha release, with his permission. We think that this will greatly expand some of the features that are wanted and needed with our little project.

You can see an example

The other news is, we are integrating the ML-Nuke (Multi Language) Nuke into Post-Nuke. We think this will be a very big advancement with the system, that all of us could really learn to love.

You can see an example here

Seperating out more of the core and the plugins are on our list. A couple of other things that we are looking at right now is re-examining the current module system. There is some area of opportunity there, that we might be able to exploit. We are also redesigning the admin interface as well, and working out some bugs in that system as well. I wouldn't expect to see either of these at the end of the week, but they are on our list.

There is also going to be some improvement to the codebase as well, as we start to look at merging the authors and the users table. And we are getting very close to examining the database structure in general.

I hope this keeps everyone in the loop for some of our short term plans.