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Here how for Translator for the back log language.

Contributed by Nice work! on Aug 19, 2001 - 08:31 PM

Assume your want to put new language.

1. Make /html/languages/new/global.php

Just compare the language/eng/global.php with your previous PHPNuke 5.0, PostNuke061 lang-old.php

There are few more sentences you need to do translation.

But very important are here at


/* Language Names */


You will need to put your language line eg.

define(_LANGUAGE_NEW, 'Your Language');

2. Insert that line

define(_LANGUAGE_NEW, 'Your Language');

in to each and every global.php !!!

3. make your flag-new.png (small character) in the directory as here:


4. Edit mainfile.php and put $lang[new] after

$lang[swe] as shown below or as sort if you like.

$lang[swe] = _LANGUAGE_SWE; // Swedish

$lang[tha] = _LANGUAGE_NEW; // New

I can count up to 3 files type, flag-new.png, mainfile.php and global.php.

If you only do 3 files your selection language look from others would not look good.

You need to spend another few minutes insert your language line in them.( and everytime there is more language add in!)

Hope this help to one can not wait for the Pack but always late for the change like me.

See sample here


or download those files with Thai to work on from here


Good luck