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Contributed by Please read my notes on Aug 20, 2001 - 07:38 PM

niceguyeddie writes --

First off, there is no upgrade script for MPN to PostNuke. There is an open project that I expect will be filled to complete this task, however it has never been a real high priority. I am going to bump up the priority with this news, though.

Let me sing some praise for MPN though, before everyone takes that post to heart.

MPN was one of my main inspirations to start PostNuke. All of the folks over there that I ran into were more than fine people, I just had different ideas about the modularization of the system.

I wish Garrett, and everyone else that has spent several hours, days, months, etc. the best of luck. I realy hope that they just take a few days or weeks off and just regroup and refocus. They have a very strong community, and I wouldn't think that MPN is finished.