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page size and loading time cost related

Contributed by Anonymous on Aug 21, 2001 - 10:48 AM

Can someone give me an idea of what the average page load size is for PostNuke.

PhpNuke seems to load about 55K gross per page load.

Just for those that consider high volume sites: If you have a bandwidth of 30gig at a cost of $30 per month (overage of bandwidth billed at .04 per meg) and 55K page load size. You have to generate a revenue of .80 per cpm to cover some basic cost.

If you depend on pop up banners you still might have to consider that the user will load up 5 to 8 pages of your site.

If someone would like to have a copy of the simple spread sheet I use for testing web site cost I'll be happy to upload it to a general site.