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Changing from PHPnuke to Postnuke

Contributed by Good issues and ques on Aug 21, 2001 - 09:09 PM

1. How do I upgrade from PHPnuke 5.2?

I was stupid enough to upgrade to it.

2. How big are the changes to the DB?

I don?t want to loose any articles. They are really important to my site.

3. Do you see anything on my site Laiv-IT.Dk that wont work in Postnuke?

The site is in Danish but you should be able to get a feel of it.

4. How can Flash themes be made to support postnuke?

I currently have a flash banner on the front page of my site, but that will probably be removed due to the requirement on the users (having flash installed, a good connection and stuff like that). But I do have a theme that uses a lot of flash, and I used quite some time on creating it, and it would be a shame to loose it :o(

5. Is it possible to join the dev team of Postnuke, or lend a hand somewhere? :)

6. Can all PHPnuke themes be used in Postnuke?

I have a couple of themes on my site. Mostly themes configured for users with really bad internet connections, so they dont have a lot of graphics in them.

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