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Why not more detailed CSS

Contributed by The CSS scheme is go on Aug 22, 2001 - 08:42 PM

Why not have more detailed CSS-styles? I mean we could add something like ".boxcontent" or ".boxtitle" or even "a.boxlink" within postnuke (wich is great work btw). This would enhance the control over a site's look for theme-developers. Sideboxes that look different from the maincontent would be a big plus in my opinion.

Going further it could also be possible to have tables with CSS-borders, what would reduce the overhead of nested tables and therefore speed up our sites with a smaller sourcecode. But i have not yet tested that thoroughly for cross-browser compliancy.

Let us all think about some enhancements (?) like those, to have more layout control without much effort.

I would appreciate, if you out here could add some similar suggestions in this thread, just to collect ideas and possible problems and drawbacks.