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SourceForge Bug and Feature Tracking

Contributed by Anonymous on Jul 07, 2001 - 11:08 PM

By using this, we can assign out tasks easier, than by checking the forums and then reporting that to the mailing list, etc. Please, don't stop posting in the forums for questions, and feature requests, but we might miss something there.

By making a request or reporting a bug in SourceForge, it allows us to monitor all requests, and plan to complete the request just a tad bit faster.

I had been taking some of the requests from the forums, and then cut and pasting in SourceForge, but that is taking too much time, and I am missing a good portion of the requests, so I'm asking that we make this process just a tad bit easier on all of us.

You do not have to be logged in to SourceForge to make a request.