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ePSXe Fanatics Post-Nuked

Contributed by What's the url? I'd on Aug 25, 2001 - 12:00 PM

The current blocks I have created are the following
  • Latest Headlines - This block list the latest headlines for the news. It also links to "submit news" and "news archive" (which I will mention later). I originally had the individual headlines linking to the articles, but people wanted an anchor style linking so it just went to the actual post on the index.php. So I edited the index.php to work this way. Check it out it is pretty cool.

  • Latest Compatibility Reports - For this block I made it show the latest compatibility reports and added under each one who submitted the report. I also added links to submit and archive. At the bottom of the block it shows the number of reports approved in the database and shows the number of reports pending approval.

  • Latest Downloads - This one is very simliar to the other one. On this block I included the file size for each download.
I also modified a friend of mines News Archive module (he added my changes and it is aviliable as a phpnuke module). You can get the phpnuke version at phpnuke. It is pretty easy to modify for use with Post-Nuke. So if you are into emulation and Playstation then stop on by to get the latest happenings in the scene. Thanks