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Why is a forum, or phpBB or whatever so important?

Contributed by Personally, I like f on Aug 26, 2001 - 10:22 PM

I know this has been the norm for many sites but can't the main news system do both jobs? Does it need to have features added? What if they were added? If the answer is functionality then can't the main system be upgraded to provide all the needed functionality of a "forum"? After all isn't this CMS really a form of a forum?

Come on... step outside the box for a moment and give it some serious thought. What, if anything is so vary wrong with this concept?


1. One system to learn for users/visitors.

2. Smaller, faster overall CMS system.

3. More accurate and complete searches.

4. Fewer menu items and less confusing for the novice.

5. One full featured finely tuned system.

6. News/forum system having one developer/s

7. One database for everything. May or may not be good?


1. One database for everything. May or may not be good?

2. Two system developed seperately.

3. Less than perfect intigration.

4. Multiple registrations

5. Duplicate functionality.

What do you think? Don't be nasty now. :o)