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Need help with modifed reviews script

Contributed by Anonymous on Aug 29, 2001 - 11:23 AM

All files can be found at

The problem I am currently having is this. If the admin creates a review, it will go directly to the nuke_reviews table in the database. It works flawlessly. However, if a user submits a review, the data goes to the nuke_review_add table. Again, this works flawlessly. This would indicate to me that the primary review script located in the root is working correctly. When going into the administrative approval portion of the review script, one sees the awaiting reviews and all information listed. If the review is approved, the message indicates the review is being added. This would mean the data is being transferred from the nuke_review_add table to the nuke_review table. However, the data isn't making it to that table. For some reason, the data is not properly transfered from one table to the other. A little help here. I'm just not seeing where I've made a mistake.

A working example (if you can call it workin) can be seen at