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Contributed by I've responded in th on Aug 30, 2001 - 09:09 PM

niceguyeddie writes -- First off, I rarely delete an article, unless it does not make sense, or deals with support, or bugs, which have their proper place. Personally, this isn't a war for me. I have done nothing but been respectful of Francisco and PHP-Nuke.

That being said, I have firmly stated my reasons for this fork, and if that caused some ill will between Francisco or the PHP-Nuke community, then so be it. I do not agree with Franscico's development style. I do not agree with the vision for his project. I also do not agree with his flagrant attempts to discredit all who are involved with this project. The most current example would be the NukeIndex post this week. I rarely, if ever, comment on anything there anymore because at the first sign of criticism a person is flamed.

I quite frankly don't have the time to wage a war, and don't consider it as such. Now, do I consider Francisco and PHP-Nuke does as competition? Absolutely, and guess what, I think it's fun. But that is just that, competition and not war. Most of the off-hand remarks or the derogatory statements that have been made about PostNuke are more funny to me than anything thing else. I know, I know, I have a weird sense of humor, but really if you can't find humor in something that you are slaving over for free for hour upon hour, then I don't know if there would be a point:).

I believe PN and PHP Nuke are one project. It name different but basically its the same. Since FB are planning to start a new, why not joining the CORE CVS team and lead it into one huge project. I believe if both combine this will be the best CMS project ever created.

niceguyeddie writes -- Once again. I do not see Francisco's vision for the future. I have laid out our plans to 1.0, and what we hope to accomplish. We are well on the way. There is a roadmap that I will be publishing towards the end of the week that shows how we are going to get there. Where is that from Francisco? All I have seen is duplications of efforts that we have made here.

Look, if we have affected the development in a positive way, which I believe we have, for PHP-Nuke, then who looses? We don't loose, because we are sticking to our objectives. Does Francisco loose? I don't think so because he is able to draw from ideas of other projects to make his stronger. Do the users of either program loose? Not at all. Actually, every user of PHP-Nuke and PostNuke should be very happy that there is some competition. That should ensure that they are going to have the best damn free portal system that anyone would imagine.

Anyway this is my suggestion I know people like niceguyeddie (cool guy) and I think with a merge PN and PHP Nuke can be stronger rather then a war.

niceguyeddie writes -- First off, my wife would be the first to disagree with you that I am a cool guy:) A war is the last thing that we want. We have made more than one post on this site to ask people not to flame anything. However, time and time again Francisco has made direct statements that disparage this project. I am quite satisfied with the direction that we are taking. I am also not deviating from our scope and vision of this project to add the latest cool gadget that could be added, but not thought through for the end result. I'd happily end this fork today if I thought that Francisco would ever show the true leadership that a project that this size needs, and actually took advice, and listened to suggestions.

Now as I say that, let me also say that I am not perfect by any means. I manage this project to the best of my ability in my free time. I have been accused by many on the dev list of being unorganized. It has been suggested that I do not show the proper leadership and assert myself quite enough. You know what? It doesn't bother me. I have not blown up at each of the suggestions. I tend to take them in stride, and try to improve. I make mistakes, just as everyone else does on the dev team.

So for me to make the above statements it is not an indictment of Francisco's abilities. I am more concerned that the long term goals of PHP-Nuke are quite different than that of mine, and the other developers on this project. That was the original reason for this fork, and I have not been convinced that Francisco has made a 180 degree reversal on his ideas for PHP-Nuke. Some will adamantly disagree with me, and guess what? I value those opinions as well, if not more than the people that agree with me:)

P.S. I have been deleted from the dev list for some reason, I guess you worried that I steal your idea? My apologies should I say something that offend any of you none intended because I'm talking for a good cause not to make things goes AWOL.


niceguyeddie writes -- I did not remove your name from the list of dev's for any reason other than I had not ever seen you make a commit to the CVS or any other participation in any of our discussions. I cleaned the list one day for people that I knew were not actively developing, more for organization than anything else. If you like, I would be happy to add your account back on.

As far as stealing our ideas, go right ahead. We would ask that some acknowledgement would be made when it is something that we have been working on. Everything is open. I'd also invite you to join our mailing list and participate from time to time. We are always looking for ideas that we can steal;)