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House Cleaning / Things to do...

Contributed by Anonymous on Jul 09, 2001 - 03:19 PM

Second, I don't think I have everyone's username for SourceForge that is

working on things. Check it out and see. The main reason for this is so

you can submit things to CVS and we can all sign off bugs.

Third, I added tasks to the developer block this evening so everyone can see

what everyone else is working on (besides other things, we all have a ton of

open items). If your name isn't on there (which I know I'm missing a few

that are actively developing) please send it to Harry, Sean, Greg or myself

so it can be added to the site.

Fourth, if you haven't been assigned a project, let me know. There are a

ton of things that can be done. If you are looking for something to do, the

SourceForge bug page is filling up (I like working on the bugs, because they

usually go pretty quick and you feel like you accomplish something).

Besides that, we need to patch the cookie issues while the users system is

being designed and tested.

I think that's it... Have fun next week, cause I sure as heck won't be...