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MyLiveKam beta released

Contributed by Anonymous on Aug 31, 2001 - 09:05 PM

Anyway, here is Valki's announcement:

MyLiveKam beta is available for downloading. It's the first public beta release and has the following kool features...

  1. Koolkam 2d support - the first to have full support for this awesome webcam software.

  2. Koolzones - each MyliveKam user has his/her own Koolzone

  3. Rating system that includes Top 10 Rated, Top 10 Daily hits, Top 10 Total Hits all in blocks!

  4. Archiving system - auto and user defined - saves the last cam shots in your KoolZone

  5. User definable feeds - Weblite(koolKam), refreshing (webcam32 or images), Livestream (Windows media and Realvideo)

  6. Search system with current image displayed

  7. Shows cam's signed up and current cams online in easy to navigate drop down list

  8. More information on the camuser then what is available currently with the normal nuke php database

  9. Cam POPup for realtime viewing and streaming.

  10. Many more awesome features.

This module has its own database and does not require any modification of the core postnuke database files.

All you need to modify is to insert 1 small snippet into header.php (the necessary javascript)everything else is left untouched. If there is another way to get this done in postnuke, feel free to modify it!

This is the first public release of this module and has been worked on for a couple of months.

Please read the licence agreement before using this and if you have any ideas, feedback or find any bugs please submit them to the forum at . We are gonna make the best open sourced webcam portal in the world with your help – and u can expect updates and if necessary bugfixes in the next days / weeks!

©2001 Valki of

KoolKam 2d® KoolKam Industries Inc. 2001
See it in action and download it at