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4.4 phpBB upgrade script.

Contributed by Anonymous on Sep 02, 2001 - 02:10 AM

...And another thing. to keep it friendly, NiceGuyEddie hasnt changed his site to post-nuke. well, maybe not to keep it friendly, probably doesnt have time.

There is a couple of reasons I haven't converted my Diner site to PostNuke yet. First, I really haven't had the time! I am also too damn lazy to convert my current theme to the PostNuke way of doing things. But more so than anything else, I have needed a 4.4 upgrade script for phpBB so I wouldn't loose any content in my forums.

For the better part of today, I worked on one, and believe I have it functional. It has only been tested on one of my subsites (TNN) .

I believe I have finished it, but it does need some testing. There is a copy in our CVS in the modules_development tree, in the phpBB/docs folder.

Be forewarned, I have only tested this on one installation, so I am not sure it is perfect or not, but if someone has some spare time and a back-up of a 4.4 site they would like to test it on for me, please do:)